Credit Repair Genie
Repairing Your Own Credit Score is as Easy as 1-2-3
Credit Repair Genie is America's leading credit repair education company that business owners from across the nation use to handle their customer credit repair issues!

We work with some of the Best and Brightest Referral Partners around such as:

Real Estate Professionals - Mortgage Professionals - Auto Sales Professionals - Employment Agencies - Attorneys - Insurance Agents - Home Improvement Companies - Furniture, Appliance and Jewelry Store Owners - Many Other High Ticket Sales Professionals

You are in control of your clients journey to a better credit score. When your client isn't approved for the intended purchase, you LOSE!  You lose your commissions and bonuses.  You lose your momentum.  You lose your winning attitude too!

When your income is dependent on the creditworthiness of your customer, you MUST treat every lead as if it's a Gold Bar!

Turn the Lead Bar into Gold by joining our FREE Referral program.  Once your client enrolls in our self-directed credit repair program you will have a credit worthy, ready to buy client in about 45-60 days.

You simply say something along these lines. "At this time your credit score will not allow us to proceed with this purchase. But, all is not lost!"

Now take out your business card and write our web address on the back. ( Keep in mind, that people keep business cards when there is additional information written on the back. This is a Gorilla Marketing technique that BRANDS you to the client.

Continue with "Contact these folks and they will teach you how to raise your credit score. In the next 45-60 days your score should be high enough to complete this purchase. Sound good?"

It's that simple!  Make EVERY effort to salvage EVERY lead you come in contact with and you will start seeing the results.  The average increase in credit score is 50-75 points.  With our many years of experience helping sales professionals find more qualified customers, the numbers speak for themselves. What would one extra deal a month do for your income? How about an extra deal per week?

From our experience we know 2-3 out of 10 potential customers given this opportunity to repair their credit will accept the responsibility and embark on the journey to financial health. The customers that don't embrace the opportunity to address their financial health will be in the same place a year from now and were not really a customer anyway.

Get started today and put these lay down sales on paper.  Heck, you've already talked to them.  Get it?

You may use the form below and we will contact them to help them enroll.

With you client's consent fill out the form to the left and we will contact them.

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Phone : (505) 358-3145