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Are you tired of being the bad guy having to tell your clients “NO".

Don’t worry, we have you covered. Using our years of expertise and passion for ethics we strive to provide the best, professional credit repair services for all of your clients. When you need a partner who cares about your clients as much as you do ...

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Using our Free Referral Program will do ONLY ONE THING ... MAKE YOU MONEY!

You are in control of your clients journey to a better credit score. When your client isn't approved for the intended purchase, you send them here -  (

You simply say something along these lines. "At this time your credit score will not allow us to proceed in this purchase. But, all is not lost!"

Now take out your business card and write our web address on the back. Keep in mind, that people keep business cards when there is additional information written on the back.

Continue with "Contact these folks and they will teach you how to raise your credit score. In the next 45-60 days your score should be high enough to complete this purchase. Sound good?"

From our experience we know 2-3 out of 10 potential customers given this opportunity to repair their credit will accept the responsibility and embark on the journey to financial health. The customers that don't embrace the opportunity to address their financial health will be in the same place a year from now.


Credit Repair Genie offers to the general public the opportunity to use the equivalent and equally powerful credit repair software the credit repair law firms and credit repair companies use for a fraction of the cost. Less then a hundred dollars vs. the thousands of dollars the credit repair firms charge.

Your client repairs their own credit score with our guidance and can improve their score by as much as 100-150* points in 45-60 days!  

During the next 45-60 days stay in touch with them to check on their progress.  This is the opportunity to build a more personal relationship with them outside the sales cycle.

In a about sevens days give them a friendly call to see if they have submitted their disputes to the credit bureaus. If they did just ask if it's ok to contact them in about a month to check on how well they did and get their credit score. If it's high enough, you are in business. MAKE THE SALE!

If it is not quite where you need it to be, don't fret. Remember, we are guiding them to the highest score possible and will be instructing them how to rebut the credit bureaus to continually raise their score. Simply check back with them in another 30 days.

As time goes on, you will be building a pipeline of 2-3 or more customers a week that will start reaching the credit scores needed to buy in about 45-60 days on average.

Imagine what that will mean for your income, having 2-3 credit ready customers that you have a personal relationship with, coming back every week to make that purchase they were originally denied for.

Our referral partners are closing these extra deals that was once Money Walking out the Door.  

How many extra deals does that mean for YOU?

We work with some of the Best and Brightest Referral Partners around such as:

Real Estate Professionals - Mortgage Professionals - Auto Professionals - Fine Art Galleries - Employment Agencies - Attorneys - Insurance Agents - Employment Agencies - Furniture, Appliance and Jewelry Store Owners - Many Other High Ticket Sales Professionals

You come across people everyday that could use our help. Tap into a new source to make more sales!

Credit Repair Genie averages one of the highest fix/delete ratios in the industry with an average rate of over 47%* fix/deletions within 45 days!

Fact: Approximately 75% of the U.S. market is in need of credit improvement.

Fact: Four out of Five consumer’s credit reports contain erroneous information, derogatory items, and removable blemishes, prohibiting them from getting a car, house, or even some jobs.

Fact: Credit reporting agencies get paid to place information on credit reports ... NOT TAKE IT OFF!

Fact: It is 100% legal to have your credit repaired.

Fact: It is not mandatory for creditors to report derogatory information for 7-10 years, or indefinitely. The law states that the listing may appear “no longer than” or “up to” seven years.

Fact: Increasing credit scores will lower monthly payments, annual interest rates, and save consumers thousands of dollars yearly!

Fact: Credit Repair Genie is well respected within the industry; in fact, companies from across the nation refer us to handle their consumer credit repair issues for them!

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